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Tree Pieces

The design seeks to embrace different surfaces of wood where we don’t usually see, through upcycling. By rearranging the wooden planks, the grain directions are differentiated into three pieces, portraying the natural aesthetics of each surfaces. The bench not only serves a seating for three but also preserves and captures unique identities of the historical tree pieces from the old national stadium, as masterpieces.         


The construction of the bench consists of three wood panels 400x400x20mm, each involving a series of arrangement of the wood pieces in accordance to the three types of grain directions respectively. Upon achieving the three panels, a 10mm rabbet is routed around the bottom surfaces for inserting onto the customized 40mm wide galvanised steel square hollow tube welded frame, like art pieces. In addition, L brackets will be present to aid in attaching the panels to the frame and anchor bolts would be used to secure the bench to the ground itself.


The bench requires minimal maintenance due to its simplicity and structural capacity. With the contemporary form and notion, it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors usage, in which the wood and galvanised steel would weather naturally as if a piece of art ages.

James Sua - Tree Pieces, 2019,

made of recycled wood planks, dim 42 x 46 x 130 cm,

Re:Bench (URA),


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