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The Tōsutā is a redesigned toaster from Power Line whereby its internal components were used with a brand new casing. Apart from tackling its issue, which was the non-removable tray, improve the aesthetics was also a major part of the project. Hence, using the simplisitc approach of the concept of Kanketsu to reduce the number of components and parting lines, the production of the toaster became much more cost effective. Also, by intergrate the natural material of timber, it elevates the toaster's value and tactility. 

Finally, the Tōsutā was 3D printed with all the details to contain the internal components resulting in a partially-working prototype as 3D printed materials are not meant to withstand high amount of heat.

James Sua, Abital Teoh, Shi Yee, May Teng - Tōsutā, 2016,

made of injection moulded ABS & timber, dim 15.3 x 12.8 x 21.6 cm,

Advanced Development and Prototyping (NTU) with Jeffrey Hong,


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