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Sky Brew

The Sky Brew is a conceptual coffee machine that derives from a modern car dashboard. With a temperature gauge at the middle illustrating the speedometer of the car, follow by a refillable water tank inserted at the rear, the temperature of the water can be easily and accurately estimated to brew the desired cup of coffee. In addition, the graphical concave buttons provide an unique and simple touch to the overall experience.


Being equipped with the features of a traditional coffee machine, it consists of the tamper, portafilter and the continuous, powerful steam wand to froth the ideal milk for latte art. Furthermore, its height is adjustable to fit from cups to mugs to even tumblrs, catering to the diversity of coffee lovers. The Sky Brew is mainly constructed in stainless steel with the main body powder coated to gloss blue while the various significant details and operating parts in matte black to add a soft touch to the user experience.


Overall, Sky Brew protrays an industrial look, this gives user not only an unique and professional experience of coffee brewing but also an appealing piece of machine to be featured in the house.


Brewing an ideal desired cup of coffee efficiently to satisfy the crave of a coffee lover is the hallmark of the Sky Brew experience.

James Sua - Sky Brew, 2015,

made of power coated aluminum, dim 28.5 x 32.5 x 32.5 cm,

Product Design II (NTU) with Peer M. Sathikh,


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