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Blog 01 :: Usability and User Experience Goals

James_Blog 01_Usability and UX Goals Analysis

Usability and UX Goals Analysis (Pertaining to real-world mobile applications) Intention

James was craving fried chicken tenders and the first two options that come to his mind were Popeyes and KFC. He went on to download their mobile Apps and began to browse their menu and chicken tender options available. This would also benefit James on his Usability Blog post 1, by comparing ‘apples to apples’, we could have a clearer user perspective of each application and their counterpart.

p.s. James opted for takeaway/pickup option as the fast-food outlets are near and just want to avoid the crowd and queues for ordering. He’s odd.


Upon checking out, James decides to opt for a healthier option, since fried chicken is pretty oily and he just had Texas Chicken 2 days ago, he then went for Subway instead. 🙃


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