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Sports Experience Hub
- HCI Research Paper
- ADM FYP Thesis Report
Beetle Stool
- URECA Research Paper
Art - Hobby or Career?
- Contemporary Art in Singapore Research Paper
Isamu Noguchi
- Furniture Construction Research Paper
- Sustainable Design Written Paper
Packaging Design
- Sustainable Design Research Paper
ACM Proposal
- Written Paper
Abstract Expressionism
- Research Paper
- Research Paper
Andy Warhol
- Marilyn Diptych
Barnett Newman
- Vir Heroicus Sublimus
Jackson Pollock
- One & Autumn Rhythm
Pablo Picasso
- Guernica
Salvador Dalí
- Persistence of Memory
Marcel Duchamp
- Fountain
Pablo Picasso
- Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
Gustav Klimt
- Jurisprudence
- History of Product Design Journal
Jabra Media Plan
- Media Report
Diary of Jane
- Screenplay Script
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Isamu Noguchi

- Furniture Construction Research Paper

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