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Mass Production

The Mass Production is a conceptual model that critique the perception of Mass Production. The history of Mass Production has began long ago since the production of books and weapons for war using a mold or a template. The mold or the template is vital for Mass Production. It allows very pieces to be accurately produced and crafted efficiently. Therefore, it is the key to Mass Production.


Being the key to Mass Production, the mold or the template is represented in the center of the model as a clear hollow column. It is the mold of the other surrounded black columns. When it is placed into the base, it locks and supports all the other black columns to stand. Upon removal, all the black columns would collapse portraying the mold as the key to Mass Production.


Positioned in a circluar base, it illustrates the infinity of possibilities potential of Mass Production. Furthermore, with three white inner rings to show the three significant events of industrial, technological and digital revolutions. This project marks the end of the module – Conceptual Design and it follows the consistency and packaging of previous two projects.

James Sua - Mass Production, 2015,

made of mounting board & dowels, dim 18 x 18 x 18 cm,

Conceptual Design (NTU) with Peter Chen,


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