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Lily Pads

Our project aims to harvest renewable solar energy to generate light sources amidst providing shelter for students which is compelling in terms of both aesthetics and functionality simultaneously. Apart from the renewable transformation of energy, the installation is also an advocate of energy self-sustenance.


The biomimicry of the water lilies that represent life allow for students to reflect upon their activities of daily living and remind themselves of how they can be more green in the things that they do.


Apart from promoting public art appreciation, students who come close and interact with it can unknowingly become more aware of the environment and its sustainability, all of which in a fun and relaxing manner. The unused space at the North Spine Hub can finally be fully made use of to its advantage to improve the static appearance of the site and also the quality of life of students dwelling in that area.


The Lily Pads is therefore a one-stop solution for multiple facets like resting, educational purposes and undoubtedly playing a part in saving our Mother Earth.

James Sua, Alvin Lim, Tsiah Wah, Andrea Ramos - Lily Pads, 2016,

made of carbon fibre, PVC & concrete, dim 450 x 200 x 200 cm,

Product Design IV (NTU) with Fabrizio Galli,


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