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Kage Light Sculpture

The Kage light sculpture is a swivel collapsible lighting sculpture that casts shadows in accordance to the desire arrangement by the user. In Japanese terms, Kage means shadow. Amusingly, Kage also sounded like Cage in English whereby the its aesthetics resembles the form of a cage. The sculpture radiates intensive light without any diffuse or filter of light for maximum and harsh shadow contrasts to its surroundings when being casted. The satisfying arrangement allows users to manipulate anytime in accordance to his or her choice.


Even without illumination, this design functions as a piece of contemporary sculpture that is able to alter by its user. It is also extremely portable and saves space due to its design where every components fit within each other creating a flat piece when being collapsed.

James Sua - Kage Light Sculpture, 2015,

made of masonite, dim 25.5 x 25 x 25 cm,

Furniture Construction (CCC) with Tim Cozzens,


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