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Five Stones

Five Stones is a playful public art project comprising large-scale inflatables reminiscent of the familiar childhood game. Igniting personal memories, shared histories and a collective remembrance of gathering around simple play, each stone offers exciting new ways of experiencing art in the everyday, and invites all to engage in the spirit of communal play and openness once more. 


The colourful inflatables will pop up at multiple locations in Singapore over a three-month journey: first in Punggol, then across the island in December 2019, before finally gathering in the Civic District for Singapore Art Week in January 2020. Echoing the tossing and gathering of five stones, the movement of the work through our landscape is an attempt to recapture the city’s imagination and inspire the individual through each chance encounter. 


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(WKWSCI Spotlight Awards – Esthétique Award)

Twardzik Ching Chor Leng, James Sua - Five Stones, 2019,

made of PVC, dim varies,

Public Art Trust,


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