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Filmgarde App (Redesigned)

Mobile applications have become prevalent in the last decade. Initially started as popular communication and entertainment tools, mobile applications today cover many different use-case domains. Commercial and transaction services have been largely available as mobile applications today. Ticket booking apps on mobile devices are also widely offered by the cinema operators in the industry today.


Unlike traditional phone booking for cinema tickets where the user interface was primarily a customer service operator at the other end of the phone, mobile cinema booking applications today face usability and user experience challenges just as any other software. This paper identifies, evaluates and re-designs a mobile cinema booking application, Filmgarde, which has room for improvement in usability and user experience.

James Sua, Ming Miin, Bilal, Jian Ping, Yvonne Lim (Myopians) 

- Filmgarde App (Redesigned), 2020, 

Flinto software, iOS, 

Usability Engineering (NTU) with Dion Goh,


iPhone 11 Mockup.png
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