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The E-Razer is a redesigned electric eraser from DAISO whereby its internal components were used with a brand new casing. As a Graphite Artist, I have come across various types of electric eraser where the switch is allocated either at the index finger or thumb. Hence, the concept is to have a cylindrical structure so that the switch can be access by both the index finger and thumb in an ergonomic way of a pen.


In order achieve the ideal design, the batteries were rearranged creating a more longitudinal form that follows its function. Being cylindrical, a mock-up could be churned out via the lathe to test for the ergonomic quality.


Finally, the E-Razer was 3D printed with all the details to contain the internal components resulting in a fully-working prototype. For production wise, the E-Razer would be injection moulded in ABS with bead blast finish for the grip and matte quality and is available in both red and black colors.

James Sua - E-Razer, 2016,

made of injection moulded ABS & brass, dim 15.4 x 2.6 cm,

Advanced Development and Prototyping (NTU) with Jeffrey Hong,


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