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The Chronosphere is a conceptual sphere that derives from the meaning of the hourglass. It is a non-functional but meaningful sphere inspired by the unstablilty of life. Both the hourglass and Chronosphere depicts an emblem of life.


The hourglass is stable and it flows uniformly when overturned, this is a reminder that life is finite. However, the Chronosphere is unstable and only flows from one part to the other completely when being controlled, in which the other way illustrates that our life is in out hands. This is because when placed upright, unlike the hourglass, the Chronosphere does not flow.


Furthermore, when placed on an inclined surface, the Chronosphere will not roll uniformly but disorderly. This is to symbolize the ups and downs of life implying the path of life isn’t smooth.


Lastly, the box is created not only to act as a containment but also has an inclined angle in which a plane surface can be put onto it to form the inclined surface for the Chronosphere to roll. In addition, it brings a special touch to its uniqueness to the overall packaging.

James Sua - Chronosphere, 2015,

made of acrylic sphere, dim 10 cm dia,

Conceptual Design (NTU) with Peter Chen,


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