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The Book-Self is a sleek and contemporary bookshelf designed to improve the reading experience in libraries. After walking around the designated site @Harold Washington Library, various issues were idenitified. The Ethnographic research illustrates the issues with photographical images aiding in the design process.


There were a total of four issues being idenified, hence four stages of transformation were implented to the concept of Book-Self. The dimensions of Book-Self is adjusted to ease the usage of readers with platforms for sitting and aid in reaching for the top shelves. The integrated book dividers are designed to be more functional and aesthetically resemble the overall stainless steel structure of the Book-Self.


To improve and provide readers with a new experience with books within itself is the hallmark of the Book-Self.

James Sua - Book-Self, 2015,

made of walnut & stainless steel, dim 200 x 142 x 86.5 cm,

Furniture Design (CCC) with Kevin Henry,


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