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Balance seeks to simplify the process of medication intake for the elderly. Taking inspiration from the traditional sewing needle dispenser, roly-poly doll, rotary dial of an old telephone and the longevity gourd, the sense of familiarity will allow the elderly to be more receptive towards the product. 


Balance is a combination of a water bottle and a 7 days pill storage, which comes with a day and night indicator at the cap. The overall form is inspired by the gourd which signifies longevity, it also at the same time, allows the elderly to have an easy grip of the bottle. The base of Balance adopts the mechanism of the roly-poly doll that rights itself up when pushed; thus preventing water spillage. It also injects the fun factor for users to interact with.

James Sua, Ke Yan, Angela Yu, Xiuming, Farzana - Balance, 2016,

made of PLA via 3D printing, dim 12.8 x 6 cm,

Designathon 2016, ©

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