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The AQuad is a proposed sustainable solution by redesigning the water bottle and lunchbox into a two-in-one multi-functional product. It is named, AQuad, for its purpose and shape respectively. We hope that AQuad will optimistically reduce the massive consumption of plastic bottles and styrofoam packagings, and introduce a sustainable lifestyle to the future.


AQuad is timeless, it is not a planned obsolescence product and will not go outdated. It has a portable size in a quadratical shape which is stylish, compact and multi-functional. Moreover, with its appealing brand identity, AQuad’s logo and colors are easily identified in the consumer’s mind. Its packaging is also highly reusable for containment purposes. Furthermore, AQuad was planned for modular design. With our rationalization and standardization units of our productions, consumers are able to mix and match the compartments according to their ideal colors and functions.

In future, when we introduce a modular unit each time, it will be always be compatible with the initial original design of AQuad, along with new range of colors available and functions such as implementing utensils and pills organizer modulars. Therefore, for every design notion that we have taken will be planned in accordance to a sustainable future.

James Sua, Alvin Lim, Adonis Toh, Tsiah Wah - AQuad, 2015,

made of PLA, dim 4 x 16 x 16 cm,

Sustainable Design (NTU) with Tatjana Todorovic,


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