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A Maze

The design plans to resemble the annual rings in the tree to evoke the sense of ageing. Apart from the notable depiction of the annual rings via a maze design, it is the shape of a pentagon inside a hexagon that truly symbolising the growth of an annual ring every year. 


Being a huge bench, it aims to reflect on communal and shared spaces by having able to access from all sides and for large groups mingling respectively. The “core” of the bench can also be used to surround a tree, making this a tree bench.


The construction of the bench consists of ten pieces of 28mm thick raw wood planks at various length and angled ends cut according to the design. For the support underneath, the wood planks will be bolted to 4mm thick galvanised steel plate welded with fourteen 40mm thick steel pipe (with base plate bolted to ground) at certain structural vertices of the design.


The bench is meant for outdoor installation with the raw wood planks from the old national stadium, hence minimal maintenance is needed due to its simplicity and structural capacity. Having exposed to rain and sun, the raw wood and galvanised steel would weather similar to an ancient labyrinth.

James Sua - A Maze, 2019,

made of recycled wood planks, dim 42 x 300 x 300 cm,

Re:Bench (URA),


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