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48 Owls

The 48 Owls consists of two rapid respond kit, the Companion Kit and the Awareness Kit for children and parents respectively. Both are rapid response kits that aims to serve the public after disasters had occured.


The first 48 hours is the most critical period after a disaster as children are traumatised due to the loss of home and kin, displacement and the fear of reoccurrence. After being relocated to emergency shelters, they are lost, lonely, despair and afraid. Targeted to children ages 10 and below, the Companion Kit provides comfort as a pillow, illumination for security, physical reassurance as a huggable toy, contentment and sweet treats from donors.


Shaped of an owl, as it is cute and fluffy with characteristics of quiet for calming effects, active at night to safeguard children, being a solitary bird it is a perfect companion, sleepy eyes to promote sleep and the homonyms of 48 Owls and 48 hours, illustrating the criticality during the first 48 hours.


Likewise, for the Awareness Kit designed for parents to track the Companion kit where the child is holding and keep track of latest situation updates. Being a wearable, it provides portability, latest situation updates, time keeping and a complementary to the Companion Kit for security where separated to a distance of 5 meters or more, both kits will vibrate and alarm to notify users that they are separated.


Lastly, a Companion kit that provides comfort, safety and security in the hearts of children after disasters, and an Awareness kit that provides parents with the latest news coverage and security of children within reach after disasters are the hallmarks of 48 Owls.

James Sua - 48 Owls, 2015,

made of felt & satin fabric, dim 32.5 x 20.5 x 11 cm,

Product Design II (NTU) with Peer M. Sathikh,


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