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The design approach is to evoke nostalgic senses of our beloved former landmark, the Singapore National Theatre. The iconic five-pointed facade of the theatre as well as its outdoor fountain represented the five stars and the crescent of the Singapore flag. These collective impressions give rise to a bench that resemble its roofline, fountain and their symbolic representations.


As our beloved former National Theatre was established in 1963, coincidentally a decade before our former National Stadium in 1973, this bench serves as a continuation to restore our beloved landmarks using the reclaimed materials.


The construction of the bench is a modular design in which each modular unit consists of 20mm thick planed wood pieces that are joined using traditional wood joinery techniques. There will also be a 4mm thick galvanised steel plate welded frame underneath the seating units to reinforce the structural capacity and the overall curvature of the bench.


Being a depiction of a monumental piece of landmark, the bench is fitted for both indoors and outdoors placement. For veterans, it is a fragment of reminiscence; While for the younger generations, it is a significant specimen that their forefathers once dwell upon.

James Sua - 1963, 2019,

made of recycled wood planks, dim 65 x 85 x 300 cm,

Re:Bench (URA),


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